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-- captions by vitac -- -- captions by vitac -- good evening. i'm diane dwier, and it's getting warmer in time for labor day. we have a quick look. hello, craig. >> a lot of smile on people's faces with all the sunshine in place today. we felt 90s in places like live more. we have 70s in san francisco, but all of heat that started today gets stronger tomorrow. this is the satellite. cloud cover is into the pacific northwest, and we have warm offshore winds tomorrow. it's enough to give us more in the way of 70s at the beaches,
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lots of 80s and a few more mid-90s. i'll go over that complete forecast city by city in a few moments. diane. with the warm weather hundreds of people are spending their labor day weekend at the beach, of course, despite the fact there's been two recent sightings the great white sharks along the bay area coast. we're in pacifica with a look at whether the shark sightings are unusual for this time of year. >> reporter: experts say this is the time of year that sharks are actively feeding along the northern california coast. they also admit that there have been more sightings than usual of great white sharks this summer. that said, just take a look. you can see that does not keep surfers or swimmers out of the water here at linda mar beach. warning signs are no long posted here indicating there was a sighting of a great white shark last week attacking a sea lion, but many people are aware of the
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incident. we talked to a shark expert in san francisco. the expert today us it's not uncommon to see all varieties of sharks along want coast and even in the bay along in september and november. >> all sharks are common in the coastal waters and especially san francisco bay. probably a lot of san franciscoians don't realize we have shark sightings every day. >> the shark attack happened a few weeks ago, and he was not hurt. there were plenty of teeth marks in his kayak. it's important to point out that none of the recent sightings resulted in injury to people in the water. back here live you can see surfers are in the water. people are heading home right now. hundreds are expected to crowd coastal beaches tomorrow for the labor day holiday. reporting live in pacifica, "nbc
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bay area news." one in 10 people in california have labor day off because they don't have a job. the "l.a. times" the u.s. unemployment rate could remain high for years leaving millions out of work. right now the national unemployment rate is at 9.6%. in july california's jobless rate stood at 12.3%, the third highest in the nation. the fight over furlough days is heading to the state supreme court. on wednesday the high court is set to hear if the governor had the right to force unpaid days on tens of thousands of state workers in 2009 and early this year. a ruling could affect the furloughs going on right now as well. the high court will hear arguments on three lauwsuits tht claim the governor's order violating a state law setting a 40-hour work week. he argues the state constitution allows him to order furloughs to address the budget crisis. as bay area students head
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back to school many had one of the longest summers in state history because the school year is shorter than ever for some school districts. in an efforts to save money, the state legislature allowed school districts to cut the school year from 180 days to 175. cutting those five school days saved the state $1.3 billion just like that. it also puts california in a tie for 35th place in the nation for the number of mandated days students must go to school. that would be 175. according to a nonpartisan educational think tank. a vigil will again an hour tonight. they believe the man the police shot last week could be responsible for all of the deaths as well as the death of another missing man. kimberly tearirry is live for y. >> that's true here to honor the lives of three women and one man
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all killed last week. now the search for the son of one of those victims continues. 35-year-old frederick solis has been missing for more than a week, causing concern for police searching a one-acre section of the keller canyon landfill in the east bay along with volunteers and a cadaver dog for any sign of his. his father's body was found, and his death was linked to the man chp officers shot and killed after a high speed chase in richmond on tuesday. that night the body of his girlfriend cindy tran was found in the car he was driving. the bodies of two other women were found at a vallejo home. they're searching the landfill because they found a cadillac escalade drirch driven by him at a business park. the dumpsters from there are broughto t he landfill in
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pittsburgh. the search will continue through tomorrow. >> this is probably my first volunteer, so i don't know what to expect. i know it's a huge new landfill, the chances of finding something in the first few days is probably very nil. >> reporter: they say the motive in at least two of the killings could be jealousy. he had fought with the solises in the past believing his girlfriend was romantically involved with one of them. a vigil is set to begin an hour from now at 7:00 held at the hercules market mall. kimberly terry, nbc "nbc bay ar new news". two are dead and three are in the hospital after a crash last night in san francisco. it happened on lake merced boulevard. a toyota krashged into a passenger side of a honda turned perpendicular on lake measure sid. the two who dies were young men 20 and 21 years old.
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police are investigate wling wh led to the crash. bay area animals that tested positive for west nile virus are raising concerns. they announced that a dead squirrel and a dead raven found last month were infected with west nile. now district leaders are asking the public to help them find out if the disease is circulating among local mosquitos or being brought in from the outside. you're supposed to report dead birds and squirrels online or at home. an xhol sea is brewing in a bay area city. we'll tell you what's behind the proposal. with two kids you're always overflowing with clothes. >> the new company that promises free cloths and a way to clean out of the clutter forever. he> looking for a deal on a used car? why ayuyon m b i enor fe a ias c of
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sticker shock. we'll explain.
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one day after the lake day bar beau could yarbecues the cok could go up. they could place a fee on alcohol distributors. it would add three cents to the cost of a beer, four and a half cents to glace of wine. the idea is cover $17 million in unreimbursed health care cost related to alcohol abuse. it would apply to wholesalers who sell alcohol in san francisco. critics worry the costs will be passed on to consumers. older cars, higher prices. the average cost of a used car has jumped more than 10% or about $1800 since last year. we have a look at why we're paying more for less. >> reporter: sorting through the sticker shock of the used car lot. according to the automotive
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website while xheeper than new cars, used cars are selling at the highest price in seven years. something john and tonya are quickly learning. >> a little higher than i expected. i hoped to stay under the $20,000 for a used car. it looks like we're going fob around the 22 to $25,000 range for what i'm looking for. >> it just seems that a lot of used cars are more expensive than they have been in the past. >> reporter: the reason for the used car price spike is simple says brian allen, general manager of the collection. >> what we see today is a shortage of vehicles mostly from the fact of the last three years have been a downturn in new car sales, which is, of course, then created a situation where there were less trade-ins, less available. >> reporter: let's go back two and a half, three years when gas prices were sky high and if you traded in an suv you got below
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market value. suvs have rebounded, so the question for labor day weekend auto buyers, new and used, especially if used is not as inexpensive as in years past. >> we have used car at 1.5% right now. so the certified used car among many manufacturers are treejsly attractive. even though the values are higher than people expect, the financing savings offsets that. >> here's another reason. they say the economy forces more drivers to buy their cars after leasing them, and even fewer in the used car market. still to come saving bay r area families a bundle, free clothes and clean out the clur cluter at the same time. ever seen anything like in in the bay area? you can see these baby pink flamingos and why their presence is unusual. live right now from oakland, a little haze. not much. still sunny and a little warm
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out there. a motoas.rrow moto rrow. i have your seven-day forecast coming up in a bit. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in, you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ]
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a bay area company found a way to save parents time and money and help with the clutter in the kids' closet. sounds good, doesn't if? check out a nationwide swap site that could be just the right fit for you. kris sanchez shows us how it works. >> reporter: baby kylie is so big and getting bigger every day, so is her 5-year-old sister, and that means mom has a growing problem, too. >> it seems like with two kids you always are overflowing with
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clo clothes. >> reporter: piling of clothes that don't fit but still have life in them, and there's a national online children's clothing swap. as soon as you register on you take the box and stuff it full of the clothing that no longer fits your kids and list it as available for swap. whether someone chooses your as a swap, the company arranges for a pickup. you print the shipping label and the mailman picks tup. you can browse for the boxes you want sent to you. the total cost? 13 bucks. >> once the kids are asleep i'm watching my tv on the internet searching. that's when i do my listing of boxes, too. i bring out all the old clothes and i just roll them up and put them in a box. >> reporter: members get a brief description and premium members can pay for more detailed descriptions like brands. it's clothing unstained and
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unfaded good enough to wear. only send what you'd be willing to get. don't and suffer a bad review that makes your swap less appealing. >> what we find is thousands of boxes sent, 92% of those boxes have been rated three or four stars out of four. the quality has been exceptional. moms are generally the core member, and they play very nice. >> reporter: it seems those moms like the concept. they've swapped more than 5,000 boxes since the company launched in april, and the site is adding 1200 new members a month. for moms like carol, thread-up is a perfect fit. >> you can do it all from home, which is what i love as a busy mom. >> kris sanchez, "nbc bay area news." >> wish i knew about that when my children were little. the company is putting together a costume swap just in time for halloween. the concept of craigslist but taken to make it just a little bit easier on everybody. otherwise you try and sell and buy at the same time. >> right.
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>> so you know what we need? a bike swap for children. >> that would be perfect. >> tomorrow is the perfect day for it? >> yeah. >> that was a nice segue. you can bike across the golden gate bridge, in fact. >> there's not a lot of strong winds coming through there. what comes through comes out of the northeast, and below any fog that wants to form out of here. gorgeous shot over the golden gate. plenty of people enjoying the sunshine and walking across the golden gate. plenty of crowds out there as well. a beautiful evening here. we have 70s and some 80s. this is san jose right now, and highs today, we actually reached some 70s, 80s and a couple of 90s. it's a nice start to the weekend. enjoying the nice, warm weather. 70 today in san francisco, got up to 90 through sonoma, 83 in san jose. 90 degrees in livermore, at the beaches near 70. a great afternoon. this is what we have right now.
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we're 65 through san francisco, 76 in napa, still 90s or close to them, fairfield, concord, livermore, right over to pleasa pleasanton and into livermore. 78 in san jose. tomorrow we allow 2 to 5 degrees from where we were today. the wind is out of the northwest. tomorrow it comes out of the northeast. that dry, warm wind picks up the heat over the central valley and blows a lot of fog out of the area and we're done. this is the is the light setup as we move forward. today the winds out of the northwest gave us a lot of sunshine. tomorrow, mid-70s at the beaches, mid-80s bayside, and mid-90s across the inland spots. watch what happens, though. labor day is fantastic, but people will be talking about this cooldown on wednesday and thursday. some cold airdr drops in from t north. temperatures drop 20 degrees in some kcases. by wednesday we drop to the 70s, the low to mid-70s. the fog will be very thick as
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well during the overnight hours into the morning hours. the forecast for tomorrow, sunrise at 6:44. just like today, a lot see that sun come up. just patchy fog along the coast from san mateo county through monterey. 75 in san francisco, 94 in livermore, concord at 912, sonoma flew napa close to 90, and santa rosa in the mid-90s tomorrow. gilmor gilmore and through san bruno, closer to 81, 82 dreegrees. there's the seven-day forecast, make the most of it tomorrow. enjoy it with friends. tuesday and wednesday pull out the layers, you need them all day. that's the big talk on thursday after this nice end to the weekend. so i think people will be excited about it, and then thursday, what happened? >> that's okay. that's a labor day thing, and i'm happy about it. >> thank you, craig. a bit of history made at san francisco zoo.
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it has a little something to do. south of laredo, there's a place... gotta cross an ocean of scorpion-covered earth. so hot, rattlesnakes... combust, spontaneously. we're drawn like moths to a flaming jalapeño. but, you gotta eat bold, know what i'm sayin. [ male announcer ] subway has turned up the heat! introducing subway fiery footlong subs. the hot new turkey jalapeño melt and bold-acious buffalo chicken. eat bold! [ biker ] subway fiery footlong subs,
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burn the wimp right outta ya. pink is in at the san francisco zoo this weekend. take a look at these cute pictures. that's because the zoo is home to three chilean flamingo chicks. they haven't reproduced in seven years, so this year zoo officials tried a little something different. >> we brought in a new group of ten fla ming goes from phoenix and actually gave them ten of ours to try to excite the group. it seems to have worked. the pairings of a couple of our birds with theirs have produced chick this is year. >> the flamingos were quite busy. three have hatched and 19 eggs have been produced so far. so they were having some kind of fun. to celebrate the new arrivals
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they're giving guests who wear pink a dollar off the admission price this holiday weekend. >> do we have pink? >> no. a tiny bit in your tie. you might be okay. what's going on in. >> we're heading to the coliseum. you want to go to oakland with us? we'll economic check in with th. did you hear about the big giants game last night? the most dramatic win of the season arguably. we'll tell you what's happening with the team tonight. last but certainly not least, bringing back an old friend. ts remember this guy owen nolan to the sharks. we're back in a moment.
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good evening. next year, maybe the year after the a's should be a dangerous team. right now, though, just erratic. a sour note to a pretty good weekend at the coliseum. sun splash coliseum, whether this guy is working something is going on right. >> we're going to be happy about this? >> the weekend started out happy but didn't end up happy. a two-run double, and mark ellis comes around to score, and there was some smiles at the coliseum. they're tralg 4-3. top of the seventh inning, the angels close the door here. you can see the football lines there. that will happy in the next few weeks. the raiders and a's share the ballpark. the a's young pitcher, one of the many, loses his sixth straight game. the angels avoigd the sweep here. a's lose. final kscore 7-4. coming up tonight, we'll
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chat with the a's all star pitcher trevor cahill and joined by these two. the a's are the casanova ball boy and his lady friend? they made national headlines. the kid that gave the young lady five foul balls in exxhachange a date. he's from concord and she's from san jose. apparently they're dating. we have them here on sports sund sunday. they'll be on "inside edition" and tmz tomorrow. we have them here. did you see what happened last nitd with the giants? the most dramatic game of the season. one of their most unique comebacks in team history. take a listen. >> now the pitch. swing and there's a shot deep into left center field. juan uribe pushes one into the bleachers, and giants are got ahead in the ninth inning. >> jon miller with the call, juan uribe with the game-winning
6:27 pm
home run in the nooinlt inth to the dodgers. the giants hit four home runs all after the seventh inning. they haven't done that since 1982. that goes back a few years. the giants taking on the dodrs again tonight. here's a sad story, unless you're a giants fan, then you love the story. the poor san diego padres the dream season is crumbling. they've lost ten games in a row. that's not good at this point in the season. >> i get that. >> ten games in a row. melvin moore was the hero this afternoon for colorado. if the giants win tonight, they would trail the padres by one game for the division lead. wow. the u.s. open rolls on in new york city. andy murray is out upset by the 25th seed in the tournament. venus williams having a little trouble early on, but she survived. she beat pierce, 7-6, 6-3.
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this is the arthur ashe court there. venus advances to the quarterfinals where she is a regular. at bottom of the screen puts this thing away. nice lob. gets it over without the return. we've been saying this for weeks, tiger woods in jeopardy of losing his number one ranked world title, but phil mickelson has struggle this summer but not this weekend. third round of the deutsche banc championship in boston. nice birdie for phil on this hole right here. here's the skinny for fill mikkelson now, tied for sixth place. if mickelson wants to take over the number one spot, he has to finish fourth place or better and tiger needs to finish out of the top 24 for that to happen. final tloily tonight, a wil days for the sharks. the ceo abruptly resigned and now an old friend wants to
6:29 pm
return, but the sharks say no thank you to the old friend. owen nolan, one of the most popular players in franchise history, said i want to end my career here. sthesharkli decne the sharks declined. >> good night. d.

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